Introducing APLAWS+

APLAWS is a content management system (CMS) designed for collaboration and content creation. This open source system is a tool for managing website content which allows users to create, modify, arrange and delete content without requiring HTML or programming skills.

APLAWS offers built in software functionality to support authors and editors, lessening the burden of work, and lowering maintenance costs. The APLAWS community continues to expand and develop, and today is highly regarded as an easy to use content management system for administration.

We encourage you to read more about APLAWS to learn how you can use it to effectively implement and maintain your website!


  • APLAWS on
    22.  März  2017
    You may wonder, when you tried to visit us at and find yourself here. Aplaws was part of community and used the service to store and manage the public software repository as well as information and coordination of the software development and project documentation. Unfortunately, was retired in March 2017 without direct replacement.