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- Two database options: Oracle or PostgreSQL (open source)


- Accessible UK Local Authority XSL web templates provided

- Improved template management system built into APLAWS

Information Centric:

- Whereas other content management systems are built as a managed set of web pages, APLAWS is designed as a pool of information upon which different views can be set up to build a specific website.

Strong Categorization System:

- APLAWS allows for poly-hierarchic categorization, which enable complex content to be available to website visitors with varying interests and perspectives.

Open Source:

- APLAWS is freely available through open source, which means there is no cost for the software and no ongoing license cost.


- National standards built into the system (accessibility, Government Metadata Standard, etc.)

- Please see the standards section for more information

- Supports RDF/RSS standards for syndicating content

Content creation:

- System bundled with specific local authority content types

- Allows for the development of many separate subsites

- APLAWS provides role-based permissions at multiple levels

- A user-based and tested forms-based back end interface for developing

structured content consisting of text, images, etc.

- APLAWS contains a WYSIWYG editor for custom content, including interaction with Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) classes

- Integrates with numerous file formats;

- Content is archived, which means previous versions of content are available for users to refer to

Active User Group:

- Live implementations of APLAWS have led to the formation of an active APLAWS User Group and there is a growing community to support new adopters.

- Recent APLAWS+ back-end authoring improvements were undertaken in direct consultation and involvement of the APLAWS User Group

- A growing number of suppliers are gaining experience in developing APLAWS+ components or offering implementation support or consultancy.


- Content moves through a series of steps during the creation process. Each step

can be assigned to a customized role or user.

- Content is routed, email notification sent and tasks assigned, documented by a full audit trail

- Enables routing, email notification, task assignments, etc.

- Includes reporting capabilities to determine content state and user assigned task status.


- A flexible publishing model manages content life-cycles, enabling scheduling of publishing and removing content items;

- Automatic email notifications for workflows and life-cycles are sent when tasks are complete or content is about to expire. 


- Schedule content for publication and removal (manage content life-cycle);

- Users can preview content items as they appear in all associated templates.

Content of this section

  • Standards
    Building standards into a system is difficult since these are, by definition, constantly improving. The APLAWS+ system has attempted to build national set of standards that are important to UK local authorities.
  • FAQ
    We've assembled some of the frequently asked questions about APLAWS+