APLAWS on fedorahosted.org

22.  März  2017
You may wonder, when you tried to visit us at fedorahosted.org and find yourself here. Aplaws was part of fedorahosted.org community and used the service to store and manage the public software repository as well as information and coordination of the software development and project documentation. Unfortunately, fedorahosted.org was retired in March 2017 without direct replacement.

For a more detailed explanation of this decision, see the explanations on the project page. The Aplaws project now has to decide where the Softweare repository is to be hosted in the future and has to edit the transition. The LibreCCM foundation, which supports the Aplaws project, will be advised soon.

Currently, the repository is hosted on an internal server of the Foundation. It is accessible to developers, but unfortunately not open to the public.